Artificial Intelligence
Introducing a paradigm shift in technology to empower retailers

Retail personalized

Retailers and brands thirst for first party purchase data and user generated shopper preference data to be able to serve the shopper with the best online and in-site experiences.
Shopin’s proprietary visual artificial intelligence, NLP and on-boarding experiences give retailers unprecedented access to this actionable data. Retailers become empowered with recommendations and insights that convert into sales. Our unique blockchain-powered approach keeps the shopper safely in control of their data.
Shopin supplies whitelabeled onboarding experiences for retailer sites and apps that gather user generated shopper preferences from your customers. Click on the video and discover how you could be enriching your understanding of your shoppers.
Proprietary Visual A.I.
Visual artificial intelligence helps retailers match the right shopper to the best experience. As humans, we differ from person-to-person on how to describe products consistently. Shopin’s visual artificial intelligence analyzes images from a retailer’s product catalog. Shopin provides a single, consistent method to drive the best product recommendations resulting in improved conversion to sales.
By marrying the purchase history, and on-boarding experience results retailers get a far more holistic understanding of the shopper. Shopin’s visual artificial intelligence analyzes these results and the retailer’s product offerings in real time to offer the best recommendations and experiences for the shopper. Watch this video demo for a live example with a retailer’s inventory.

The Federation

Shopin brings together retailers into a federation, that believes giving their shoppers ownership over their purchase data and supplying bleeding-edge technology tools will drive a renaissance for the world of retail.
Connect with us today to discover how we can co-create the renaissance for the world of retail.
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