Update from the Shopin Team

Our management team is operating Shopin and we’re moving forward on our mission. While the recent news is upsetting to all of us, it has not changed our day to day operations. We expect to formalize a new leadership structure shortly and will keep everyone updated in the most transparent way as this unfolds.

Many of you have asked about the status of the Token Swap. We are continuing with the Swap, and as of Friday, August 31, we had swapped approximately 58% and since then we have swapped an additional 10%.
A total of 68% of tokens have been swapped to date.

We urge everyone who has not swapped their tokens to please send from the original wallet the SHOP tokens were distributed to to the Shopin Ethereum address: 0xD8bA97571d9A78184bBB599Bc41Bc10a99FFd72F

If you are part of a syndicate and want to return your tokens but did not receive your SHOP tokens directly from Shopin, please either return them to your syndicate lead OR complete the Shopin KYC-AML process in order to return them direct to Shopin. Here is the link to do so,

To learn more about the Token Swap instruction, please see our blog post

There have been questions about movement of Ethereum in the Shopin wallet, please know that the Ethereum in question is under control of the current senior team being used to operate the business and ensure we continue progress on building the platform.

We will share additional information about our go forward plan in the coming days.
Your continued support is appreciated.


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