Parinda Muley of Macy's at GDS SUMMIT


Companies like Macy’s are just innundataed with data... but a lot of times it’s not about having access to data, it’s “how do you use the insights from that data to actually make recommendations and implement... The product that Shopin had, which was looking at your portfolio and not only providing insights and analytics, but then taking it one step further and saying “here are some recommentations, and how we would look at corrolation of inventory at the SKU-level...” - I thought that was different. It’s unique...

Parinda Muley
VP of Innovatiion and Business Development, Macy’s

GDS Summit Report (2019)

Recently Shopin presented our solutions to key decision makers of 14 major retailers at GDS Summit in Florida for 40 minutes each. The response was astounding with many rating us 8/10, 9/10 or even retail powerhouses like Coach and Finish Line rating us 10/10. I is our privilege to share excerpts of the report with you below: 


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