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Shopin Tech Update

Dear Shopin Community,

There have been some questions about the progress of our technology, and we would like to use this opportunity to let you know that we are very much on track and have already developed many features that support and power the Shopin business model.

We have developed a Shopin blockchain using EOS technology and has been integrated with Postgres to serve as both a value ledger as well as to track the storage and maintenance of data. We have begun the development of State Channel networks for the Shopin blockchain.We have also fully integrated the Shopper Profile onboarding process into the Shopin blockchain.

We have made major strides in developing novel A.I. algorithms for recommending 90% of Women’s Apparel, which will be followed by training the system for intimate apparel, shoes and handbags.

In addition, we’ll soon be expanding our Universal Shopper Profile into a full web-driven Profile Manager that will allow customers to own their data, engage with brands, receive advertisements, and be rewarded tokens.We will then develop a mobile app to allow a user full profile management.

Please have confidence that we have not stopped working and we will continue to forge ahead to bring the Shopin product to the market.

We look forward to providing tech updates to you as we move forward.

Divakar, CoFounder & CTO


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