Shopin Goes Live on QUOINE/QRYPTOS, One of Asia’s Largest Exchanges

The Shopin Team today announced that its initial exchange offer with Quoine’s global trading platform QRYPTOS is now live and will continue until August 28. To participate, visit our landing page to sign up.

This is a first-time, limited engagement with Quoine, whose QRYPTOSplatform is best known as a fully digital cryptocurrency exchange that provides the highest security and most advanced user experience. This places Shopin among only a handful of other companies conducting small pre-launch sales of their tokens with exclusive incentives and bonuses tailored to different levels of participation.

For a little history, blockchain fintech company Quoine launched QRYPTOS in 2017 as a digital trading platform exclusively for desktop. Later that year, Quoine became the first licensed global cryptocurrency exchange in Japan to launch a global ICO, also known as the QASH Token Sale. Quoine successfully raised 350 million QASH (the equivalent of 350,000 ETH) in an oversubscribed ICO to fund the growth of Liquid, a revolutionary new platform that offers top security and liquidity for the buying and selling of digital assets. When it officially launches, Quoine’s QRYPTOS and QUOINEX exchanges will be merged into one, Liquid, which will support multiple fiat currencies, along with QASH (soon to be the Liquid Token), Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dozens of other digital assets.

“Conducting this collaborative event with Quoine/QRYPTOS enables Shopin to raise additional funds for our Q4 launch, and it exposes the SHOPIN Token to a greater audience of supporters and participants,” said Eran Eyal, our CEO and Founder. “This is an exciting opportunity for people to be a part of our journey as we change the world of retail together and usher in a new generation of crypto and blockchain companies representing a decentralized, one-to-one economy of data between retailers and consumers.”

All participants of this event must be registered on QRYPTOS and pass KYC-AML, a fast and efficient user identification verification process that can be completed in only a few minutes.

According to Seth Malamed, Global Head of Operations for Quoine Corp., ICO Mission Control was constructed as an end-to-end solution for token issuers and buyers in a transparent and controlled environment. Prior to any engagement, the QRYPTOS team does a thorough analysis of every token applicant, including company background checks and extensive due diligence.

The QRYPTOS team is currently focusing exclusively on utility tokens, which Shopin was recently able to demonstrate in our Proof of Concept demo in April of this year.

“At Quoine, we are on a mission is to improve the way capital is raised for blockchain-based projects,” said Seth. “Our goal is help bring investors and issuers together in a frictionless and secure way. We believe in regulation, transparency, quality products, and innovation by leveraging the blockchain. All projects on our ICO platform have a thorough vetting process that leverages internal teams for operational and technical soundness, and external experts for the evaluation of token economics. We actually reject more projects than we accept, and if they cannot hold up to the high standards we set, then there are plenty of other companies in our space that can.”

Seth added that Shopin is a prime example of a company that can prove there is user demand for its solution as a defining factor of marketplace legitimacy and relevance.

The Team at Shopin has been making blockchain history lately as the world’s first decentralized shopper profile built on a GDPR-compliant blockchain that empowers shoppers to own and control their historical purchase data across multiple retailers and then be rewarded in cryptocurrency when retailers engage their attention with ads, content, and loyalty. We have A-list backers that include Galaxy Investment Partners, Block One Capital, Nima Capital, Passport Capital, Traub Capital, Lydian Capital, Krowdmentor, Elcap, Genesis Block, Gambit, ICO Syndicate, Ampli Capital, Tom Gonser (founder of DocuSign), and the Chicago Crypto Fund, to name just a few.

The Shopin/QRYPTOS event will run from August 8–28. To learn more and participate, please click here.

(Due to government regulations unique to each country, citizens and residents of China, Japan, North Korea, Syria, and the U.S. will not be able to participate in this event.)

We urge you to stay in touch with us as we continue our exciting journey. We wouldn’t be here without our incredibly supportive, inquisitive, and amazing community of crypto, tech, and retail fans. You can follow our news and the Shopin conversation through the following outlets: Telegram channel, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Steemit, and YouTube.


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