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Shopin works  with retailers to aggregate the might of their shoppers  and data from shoppers’ purchase histories. Retailers which join the Shopin Federation enjoy the advantages of the Shopin technology platform–visual artificial intelligence, the protections of blockchain, NLP, neural networks and deep learning– to co-create unique, next-generation cornerstones powering a renaissance for the retail industry.

Shopin’s technology platform provides  a universal shopper profile safeguarded with our  GDPR-compliant blockchain. The universal shopper profile is a “just for you” recommendation engine for retailers and shoppers, reflecting merchandise style and fit preferences based on what shoppers have purchased across all their historic retail experiences. We combine this with engaging onboarding games which add their preferences to create the most personal experience in every app, site and store.

For retailers, Shopin’s technology platform provides more personalized shopping experiences for shoppers across digital properties and in-store, to increase conversions and sales. Our token activates the next generation in hyper-targeted advertising and loyalty that brings the enormous adspend previously spent on on third party publishers back into the retail ecosystem.

For shoppers, Shopin’s universal shopper profile puts people in control of their purchase data and preferences, and better highlights appealing merchandise recommendations for a tailored, personalized, motivating shopping experience which reflects *you.*


Our mission at Shopin is to create a Federation of retailers in a purposeful, safe data cooperative, and provide an ecosystem which nurtures and encourages growth for the retail industry.

Our  universal shopper profile, utilizing the protections of  blockchain, enables retailers to feel secure leveraging data for expanded insights on merchandise and purchasing history of their shoppers. Our visual artificial intelligence and technology tools ensure the most personal experiences which aim to drive conversions to more sales and bring greater efficiencies resulting in lower losses.

Shopin decentralizes  data, decreasing the chance of a security breach.

We enable  retailers to directly reach their own customers, creating a virtual “word of mouth” marketing system.

Shopin aims to make ineffective ad spend a thing of the past, benefiting both retailers and shoppers.  Our universal shopper profiles create better advertising targeting, because we provide a more accurate understanding of the shopper based on an oracle that has never existed before: a complete view of the shopper across all their past online and in-store purchase history from every retailer in the Federation.

Shopin’s Federation and our token economy, will create a vibrant data and financial ecosystem for retailers and shoppers, where previously lost marketing dollars enrich both sides of the marketplace.

What’s in it for the Retailer, Brand and Consumer?

Retailer/ Brand Benefits:

  • Increase conversions
  • Decreased losses
  • A paradigm shift in security
  • Unprecedented online and instore understanding of the consumer
  • Your marketing dollars come back into your economy
  • GDPR compliant blockchain built for retail

Consumer benefits:

  • The most personalized experiences
  • Pricing that’s “Just for You”
  • Control your data
  • 1 app for all your wishlists and order management
  • Share your profile with friends and family to get gifts you want
  • Get paid when your attention is engaged with a token to spend back with participating retailers
Eran Eyal Shopin
Eran Eyal
Founder, Co-CEO

I adore retail and creativity. When I look at my favorite brands, and admire their care for their brands and products, I want them to have every opportunity to survive and thrive. Shopin is committed to that goal. – Eran Eyal, Founder and Co-CEO

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Marketing Manager

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Our core values

At Shopin we embrace that blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrencies will usher in the promise of new era of data sovereignty and a revolution for retail through the consensus mechanisms and unity of our retail Federation.

The spirit of a federation should be that of unity in reaching for the same goals through consensus.
Data Sovereignty
Shoppers should be in control of their data and conscious of what's being done with it.
To stay humble, open, and listen to both sides of the marketplace, who we seek to empower.
To be unreasonably dedicated to the success of Shopin for the sake of retailers, shoppers and participants.
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