Dear Shopin participants,

I wanted to personally introduce myself and make you aware of the management reorganization at Shopin due to recent unfounded allegations against Eran Eyal pertaining to his previous business, which are unrelated to Shopin.

After filling the role of interim CEO over the last few weeks, I am now honored to be officially appointed co-CEO of Shopin this week, alongside our existing founder and CEO, Eran Eyal with the full support of the Shopin team. This is my first opportunity to address the community as we have been intensely focused on developing our go forward plan.

As part of this restructuring, I am stepping up to take over more responsibility of day-to-day management of the business and finances. Eran will remain in the role of co-CEO as we partner in building the Shopin business together. We are also putting together a new board, which will include independent members, to increase governance and transparency.

The integrity of our technology and mission remains intact. While the recent news is upsetting to all of us, we are unified in moving forward on Shopin’s mission. All employees and vendors are being paid and we are making significant progress on the Shopin platform.

We remain humble and grateful for your support. We will continue providing updates to you in the most transparent way possible.


Jennifer Haggerty

Co-CEO, Shopin


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