Control Your Data Before It Controls You

Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad TED talk — How tech companies deceive you into giving up your data and privacy @finnmyrstad

The fight to protect data and provide oversight to infrastructure to the benefit of users has been “a losing game” — data is continually generated and monitored as we use the internet, make purchases, sign up for websites and so forth. When it comes to controlling our data, this proves a difficult challenge to overcome, as there is only so much that legislation can do to ease the pressures of the overwhelming demand of such data consumption which has become increasingly available for purchase by major conglomerates. As more data is created and assimilated, the responsibility for it also becomes greater, and the thought of controlling our data becomes less accessible and appealing to the general public.

The scale of the subject makes the notion of controlling it an amorphous and ethereal concept that can be difficult to comprehend. It is for this reason that individuals on a broad scale have aversions staying current to the advances in technology and learning how to control their data, despite the importance of doing so. To be fair, there isn’t much tangible value our data can offer to the consumer directly in its current state, despite its massive value to the adtech and commercial economy. Paradoxically it has enough value to be hacked, but not enough perceived and actualized value to the consumer themselves. Furthermore, people live busy lives and it’s hard to prioritize something that has a value that is so occulted and difficult to comprehend, instead feel adequately protected by regulations such as the GDPR.

A survey by Martech Today shows that a significant portion of consumers have expressed a desire for greater control over data, although the societal standards surrounding individual data control tells a different story. How many times have you skipped over a private policy agreement, or ignored terms and conditions? Most everyone has done it. Research by Deloitte confirms this, revealing that over 90 percent of consumers accept terms and conditions without reading them. It is practically second nature for people to willingly hand over their data and let others assume responsibility for it. We must work to change this mentality to encourage individuals to take charge of their own data by proper incentive, and that path may be finally giving data tangible value back to individuals.

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Eran Eyal Shopin CEO

Eran Eyal is an investor, advisor, and award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the crowdsourcing, e-commerce and retail markets. Currently, Eyal is the founder and co-CEO of Shopin, where he looks to revolutionize the customer shopping experience by putting individuals in control of their own data.

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