The Cornerstones of our Approach

Shopin leverages proprietary innovations in artificial intelligence, blockchain and decentralization of purchase data to bring together the tools for Retail 3.0.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary Visual A.I., N.L.P. and M.L. engines work behind the scenes to deilver a state-of-the art universal SKU catalog driven by a vast purchase data fabric.

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Blockchain & aDHT
Blockchain & aDHT

We recognize that consumer purchase data is one of the most valuable and powerful digital assets. ShopChain secures that data: compliant safe, fast to access.

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Purchase Data
Purchase Data

The missing oracle of personalization, engagement and qualitative-driven business decision making that drives real conversions-to-sales for retail.

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Welcome to Shopin

Shopin works with retailers to aggregate the might of their shoppers and purchase data. Retailers which join the Shopin Federation enjoy unique advantages of the Shopin technology platform–visual artificial intelligence, ML, protections of blockchain, and deep learning to co-create unique, next-generation cornerstones powering a renaissance for the retail industry.

R.I.D.E. to Shopper I.D.

Our first product, the Retail Intelligence Data Engine (R.I.D.E.) decentralizes the purchase data of major retailers, to give a first-ever global view of retailers, brands, products and the customer behind the action. This aggregated view of the world of retail enables retailers to make better qualitative-driven decision and recommendations across their business units, whilst laying down the foundations for our Shopper I.D. and ShopChain infrastructure to deliver high conversion-to-sales increases for our universal shopper I.D.

Data Sovereignty - The next BIG leap for retail and shoppers

Our  universal shopper profile, leveraging the protections of  blockchain, enables retailers to feel secure leveraging data for expanded insights on merchandise and purchasing history of their shoppers. Our visual artificial intelligence and technology tools ensure the most personal experiences which aim to drive conversions to more sales and bring greater efficiencies resulting in lower losses.

Shopin decentralizes  data, putting control the hands of consumers, whilst encrypting the data and moving it to an aDHT, dramatically decreasing the chance of a security breach.

We enable retailers to directly engage their own shoppers, creating a virtual “word of mouth” marketing system. Shopin aims to make ineffective ad spend a thing of the past, benefiting both retailers and shoppers.  Our universal shopper profiles create better advertising targeting, because we provide a more accurate understanding of the shopper based on an oracle that has never existed before: a complete view of the shopper across all their past online and in-store purchase history from every retailer in the Federation.

Shopin’s Federation and our token economy, will create a vibrant data and financial ecosystem for retailers and shoppers, where previously lost marketing dollars enrich both sides of the marketplace.

The Why?

Retail is not having a hiccup. It’s not a “bad day”. We’re facing a retail apocalypse.
Lord and Taylor and Barney’s are bankrupt. Victoria’s Secret has lost 40% of it’s revenue in the last year. Less than 3 out of 100 shoppers convert into a sale online and less than 10% instore.

The New Blueprint

Yet… incredible companies like Amazon attribute 35% of their revenue from their product recommendation bar… driven by purchase data. Jeff Bezos claims that 90% of their revenue comes from personalization based on purchase data. They have created 63 LLCs competing with fashion houses, thanks to the oracle of purchase data and powerful technological tools. They have given us the blueprint for building success in Retail 3.0.

The Mission

Shopin is dedicated to providing the essential tools to ensure that timeless brands remain timeless and that emerging brands have the best opportunity to become timeless. We believe that access to a global view of retail’s purchase data (including Amazon, eBay and other mega-retailers), our artificial intelligence tools, the Retail Intelligence Data Engine and consumers owning their data rare the key to unlock the next retail renaissance.

What’s in it for Retailers and Shoppers?


  • Increase conversions
  • Decreased losses
  • A paradigm shift in security
  • Unprecedented online and instore understanding of the consumer
  • Your marketing dollars come back into your economy GDPR compliant blockchain built for retail


  • The most personalized experiences
  • Pricing that’s “Just for You”
  • Control your data
  • 1 app for all your wishlists and order management
  • Share your profile with friends and family to get gifts you want
  • Get paid when your attention is engaged with a token to spend back with participating retailers

The Shopin Team

We’re a team of startup and retail veterans, who are dedicated
to ensuring timeless brands remain timeless and emerging brands have the best tools to become timeless.

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